About MeSign

MeSign was founded by Michelle Teasdale, a CODA (Child Of Deaf Adults), who has used BSL as her primary communication with her parents since birth. Michelle has a unique insight into both living and working with British Sign Language, which is demonstrated in the results and feedback from her MeSign students.

Despite the high demand for our courses, we have some guidelines we follow in order to maintain the high quality of teaching we deliver to our BSL students. Class sizes are restricted to 16 students for Level 1 and 2, and 12 for Level 3. We feel this number provides both the right atmosphere for group learning but also allows students enough individual learning time.

Meet the MeSign team

Here at MeSign we’re lucky to have some of the industries professionals working alongside us.

Michelle Teasdale MeSign


MeSign Director and British Sign Language Co-Ordinator (BA Hons)

Sandra Teasdale BSL Teacher


Established Deaf professional and Lead Family Sign Teacher here at MeSign.

David BSL teacher


Established Deaf professional and Teacher here at MeSign

Ashlee MeSign


MeSign Administrator (BA Hons)

We use ’native’ Deaf teachers.

It’s well recognised that the easiest and quickest way to learn any language is to fully absorb yourself into the language. So like many other language schools we aim to use native BSL users, and all of the teaching staff are Deaf. By removing the ability to fall back on your ‘first’ language, learners will naturally progress faster whilst being immersed into Deaf Culture.

A little bit scary? Not really, you don’t sign up for a language course ‘fluent’ in that language, so don’t be embarrassed if you struggle occasionally, our teachers are here to help.

Student support and resources

We believe the support we give our students outside the classroom is as important as the teaching they receive inside the classroom. In order to deliver this level of service we have developed a Student Zone, complete with classroom resources, support documents and media.