Let’s Sign Feelings & Emotions Flash Cards


A set of 50 Flashcards with illustrations of British Sign Language (BSL) signs for Feelings and Emotions and the Fingerspelling Alphabet.

Ideal resource for all families, teachers and students learning BSL Level 1 and 2 in addition to providing an excellent reference point to explore and discuss feelings and emotions for children and adults with additional language and communication needs in the field of Special Educational Needs (SEN).

Contains signs for: angry, anxious, bored, calm, patient, brave, confident, confused, courageous, delighted, disappointed, embarrassed, emotional, excited, fed up, feelings, frightened, frustrated, stressed, funny, laugh, guilty, happy, enjoy, hurt, sore, interested, keen, jealous, envious, lonely, love, miserable, sulk, miss, pine, nervous, panic, peaceful, quiet, pleased, proud, puzzled, sad, depressed, satisfied, content, scared, sensitive, touchy, serious, shy, shocked, sorry, surprised, sympathise, tempted, fancy, tired, upset, worried.

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