Let’s Sign Early Years


We are proud to announce the 2nd edition of our well-established and beautifully illustrated Early Years book – now in colour.  This ground breaking book brought British Sign Language (BSL) to the fore for families and carers wishing to sign with children when little was available in this country.  The contents have stood the test of time, providing learners with consistency, up-to-date information and an excellent vocabulary of signs appropriate to deaf children, children with special educational needs (SEN) and baby signers.

Supported by the complete Let’s Sign Series of BSL educational materials, this book is specially written and illustrated for early childhood communication and language development through BSL signs – for the home, nursery, playgroup or school.  Compatible with all educational sign systems based on BSL.

Vocabulary is alphabetically arranged with a clear introduction to BSL including:

  • useful phrases and numbers
  • left and right-handed fingerspelling alphabets
  • classifier handshapes with examples
  • the importance of facial expressions and context
  • useful contacts and full index