Let’s Sign Early Years Football Flash Cards


For learners of all ages and abilities. Designed for all who use British Sign Language (BSL) to support communication in the field of deafness and special educational needs.  Supported by the comprehensive collection of sign vocabulary in the Let’s Sign BSL Series of resources.

The signs included are:

4-4-2 formation, advantage, ball, captain, centre defence, centre forward, coach, come nearer, cool down, corner flag, 
defend, dribble, finish, football, foul, game, goal, goalkeeper, header, kick, left back defence, manager, match, midfield, 
offside, pass, penalty, practise/training, ready, receive, red card, referee/whistle, rest, result/score, right back, defence, 
right wing, start/begin, stop, stretch, striker, tackle, team, warm up, yellow card.

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